Increase in Homes for Sale Resulted In Increased Specific Home-Style Purchases

First-time homeowners and repeat buyers don’t pay much attention to the style of the new home they want to purchase. Typically, the first thoughts the buyer will have are, “Is the location good enough? Is the house affordable and practical?” Affordability has now become the main concern for many buyers, and the aesthetic appeal of different home styles has taken a back seat. However, we cannot blame people for being so cautious.

Housing Prices

As it stands now, the price on property has been steadily increasing and outpacing the growth of income in many areas of the country. The reason why property prices in some states have been increasing is because of the dwindling number of homes available on the market. Homeowners are unwilling or unable to sell because the value of their home is much less than the amount owed on their mortgage. With the lack of homes for sale in the market, up-and-coming Millennials have been forced to accept renting over purchasing a home.

The Housing Market Boom

Some cities’ real estate markets have boomed in the past two years. San Francisco is one city that has seen 74% of homes for sale were sold within the first two months of the houses being on the market. Also, the return of homeowners purchasing more lavish homes is trending upward. There are a few different home styles on the market today, and some are more popular than others. A theme amongst buyers that is becoming more common is that they are seeking homes that have been built during a particular time period in history, or at least offer the same aesthetic.

For example, a Craftsman-styled house is reminiscent of the early 20th century’s arts and crafts movement. Homes for sale of this style have been the most popular choice for home buyers during the last quarter of 2014. Aside from Craftsman, other styles of homes include: country, traditional, modern, European, ranch, farmhouse, cottage, southern, and Mediterranean.

Of course, for some people, a style of home that is merely reminiscent of a time period isn’t enough for them- they want the real thing. Therefore, if you are a big fan of history, then a home actually built in 1817 just outside of Gettysburg might appeal to you. If this is true for you, remember that it is perfectly fine to purchase a home simply to satisfy our own taste in aesthetics and entertainment value, regardless of what the trend at the time may suggest.

Mobile Home Dealers – Where to Find Mobile Homes for Sale

Homes for sale in Kefalonia include a wide range of properties — from traditional homes to modern city apartments, from off-plan properties to posh resort homes. If you’re planning to buy a second home overseas, or a vacation home on this Greek island, Kefalonia is a lovely spot. As one of Greece’s most sought-after tourist destinations, Kefalonia allows you to enjoy the island’s popular features — from the many old churches to the various caves, from the alluring beaches to the dining spots that offer cuisines you’ll love.

One of the most convenient ways to look for home properties is through online listings. There are many real estate portals that update regularly, in addition to many search engines you can use. Just punch in the relevant keywords. Kefalonia, remember, is known for its pristine beaches and stunning mountain vistas. There’s a premium on property in that area.

Another way to find homes for sale in the island is through a real estate agent. You can contact someone you know and you’re bound to get in touch with an agent knowledgeable about the island’s various available properties. You may want to get in touch with an agent for several reasons. First, a local agent may have access to property listings not available on real estate websites. Second, an agent can listen to the features of the homes you want and immediately have a list to show you. Third, he/she can also provide a good assessment of a property’s worth. This can allow you to better reach an informed purchasing decision.

Those who seek homes for sale in Kefalonia may also want to consider letting their property. Tourism in the island is thriving and many investors are also looking into cashing in on the influx of people who need a convenient place to stay. If you are retiring or spending more of your time in your vacation home, you may consider renting it or a few rooms to tourists. Some earnings on the side is attractive to most people.

All in all once you have the house specifications in mind, or a list you can give to a real estate agent in Kefalonia, setting up a meeting to discuss your options is easy. You can make sure you spend your time wisely when you do your site visits by going over with your agent which Kefalonia homes for sale fit your criteria.